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No Smoking Day
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Feeling Positive!

Hi Everyone

I'm new to the forum, I really think it'll help me being on here! I'm on day 5 now, Using patches and my vape on 0% fluid. I quit on Thursday, the first day of my new job, and its really helped as I don't have a habit associated to it if that makes sense? I've started working in Radiotherapy, and I felt that my poor patients have cancer, and here I am purposely putting something into my body that causes it. I've got my stop smoking appointment at my doctors tomorrow, after so many failed attempts (2 on champix as my stomach hates it, patches, gum, just using my vape alone......) she's used to me, and knows how I get on. I'm feeling good, I don't crave anything now, but I know the road isn't straight ahead! Right now, the only problem I have is kind of gross. Obviously, everything bad in my lungs is working its way out, as expected, but its stuck. for days now, I can't cough it up! Does anyone have any tips to loosen it at all? Sorry if its disgusting to read!

I'd also like some tips on how to combat the eating phase. I've already put on a hell of a lot of weight while I was smoking, and I really don't want to put anymore on, and lose what I have got! Does anyone know of anything tasty but healthy that craves the need for constant snacking?

:) :)

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Bekki : good job so far, I love a strong start. To break up the junk in your lungs what worked for me was long long hot showers or get yourself to a local steam room for an hour or two also catarrh sweets from the chemist.

And as for food. I'm cut myself a deal. For the first year could eat what I want when I wanted it. Put on about two stone, after first year I dieted it all off. Be kind to yourself. The most important thing is your quit..everything else like diet you can deal with later. :-)

Good luck and welcome to the forum.



My tip to no eat junk all the time is to actually plan what I'm going to eat, in the morning I pack small snacks like fruit, seeds, peanuts etc, my hand bag is full of food, everytime I need I just go to the bag instead of the vending machine, I would have got a bar of chocolate if I went to the machine or canteen at work


Bekki H... Welcome and lucky enough we are all rowing the same boat towards our freedom from this terrible enslavement we brought over ourselves..

Yes one of the things they did not tel us,that is going to happen to us...they tell us that there will be Phlegm: "This is also due to reactivated cilia. It can last a couple of months."

But they do not tell us how nasty it is and taste.....when coughed up.. I got a tip and believed it worked.... Take in a lot of fluids....it dilutes it a bit !! Strongs !!


Thank you everyone! It's getting thinner and thinner everyday but is still sitting there! It's making me feel sick that all that muck has accumulated! I recently started working in Radiotherapy, and felt that my poor patients are here with Cancer, and here's me purposely putting a carcinogenic in my body, and thankfully, I think quitting there and then on my first day worked! Popo72, I was only thinking that last night, I thought what's more important quitting or getting fat? Thankfully my appetite hasn't been too bad, but I think that's because I've been so busy at work, get home, have dinner, go to bed and do it all over again! Thank you all for your support! 😊😊


worse than getting fat is quit the quit and end up fat and still smoking lol good luck


Hi Becky, how are you? Hope all still going well? Re snacks it depends whether u are a sweet or savoury person? Houmous with cucumber peppers carrot sticks etc is pretty healthy and for a sweet tooth frozen fruit is good either grapes or strawberries x


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