No Smoking Day
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In loving memory……Adios Amigo…!

Today three months ago I said goodbye to a very dear friend and reliable companion. The friendship was so tight that he was always with me. He was there the first thing every morning and gave me guts to take on the day and tonight he tucked me in.

If a difficult day was forecasted a second and third pat on the back from him send me going. My reliable companion was always very close….so close that I could touch him at any time and he would give me comfort to cope with any situation……. and of course, he never minded how many times a day I consulted him. Lately it seemed the more I made use of him the happier he kept me.

When I was cold he kept me warm, when I was worried he ensured me everything is OK, he kept me calm and make me jump the cliff or take on the waves……

He was a very jealous and demanding friend and if he felt neglected he created a situation which I could not handle on my own and needed his opinion…. Sometimes on the first consultation he was very vague but clearer the second time I used him in 10 minutes……

Up to that dreadful day three months ago when I got inside information that this very dear friend is actually leading me to a very difficult future and was shown frightening images of myself with an oxygen trolley which I could barely handle.

I decided our 38 year friendship must stop and I needed to cope on my own. He did not let go of me without a fight. He cling to me with all his might even stalked me, bewitched me in getting nightmares, made me feel lonely and reduced my energy to zero. He knocked on my door six to ten times a day and I refused him entrance.

As the days go by the knocking got less and I learned to take care of my emotions and feelings. I got stronger day by day and became jubilant as every day pass and I could make my own happiness. Today I am free and in control of my life and can’t wait for tomorrows, next week’s, next months, challenges…..

I know my friend is not dead, he will always be around to offer his friendship and in the meantime might befriend another poor person in need of comfort…..Please be on the lookout and do not allow him into your life………He is hell to get rid of………

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Great job! Keep going...


Thank you for writing that Hercu, perhaps I might be able to view him as a false friend now too as 6 months on I'm still in mourning for him which is ridiculous.


Thank you Sharon..... I am still disappointed in myself for allowing this addiction to rule my life for so long...


Wow thank you for that, it really hit home how much of a false friend smoking really is!!

I know you wrote it ages ago but it's right on mark for new quitters, I'm still working up to my quit date but I will be keeping this post close to me as a reminder that I am not actually losing anything but gaining everything!

Thanks again! 😀


Wow just wow , you have no idea how much this will help me get through this a week end 😁, ty for this x

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