Hello again!!

Urgh...well after 4 months quit earlier in the year here I am again!! Its great to see couple familiar names still here n doing so well! Just wish I could say the same...was doing great, off the patches n breathing sooo much easier...n then my life just all went wrong and the first thing I turned to was a cancer stick!! Just a couple of drags n of course it escalated...odd one here n there, then odd packet with patches again in between till these last couple wks when I've been smoking everyday! I kept trying to tell myself it was a blip n that I could still carry on with my quit but I know I've completely lost it now....so 2nd time lucky!! I've got my determination back n I'm trying again! Xx

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  • Better late than never!!!! 😀

  • What's the start date going to be Alleycat?

  • alleycat..... Good to see you with us and wish you all the best in your quit. Please post frequently and tell us for what triggers to be on the lookout..

    I have seen so many relapses after three and four months and I am sure that this "complacent stage" is very dangerous...

  • alleycat, hi :) glad to see you back - sorry it's not for celebratey reasons though! You'll get there, you did so well last time and you can do it again, just stay positive and say NOPE! xx

  • Alleycat just checking up on you...are you good?

  • Hi Alleycat

    I hope you're ok. Missed you loads and loads. x X x

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