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No Smoking Day
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11th day down.

Day 12 here I come :). I know people suggest to take minute by minute, hour by hour, but I think I've now come far enough this week to know I'll make it through to two weeks. And that is where my positivity stops in this post :( I do still apply the minutes and hours at times, especially in the afternoons, because I'm still feeling that I'm missing something, which outweighs the pretty obvious benefits. I'm unsure what is the best approach with this feeling/sensation. Is it best to ride it, thinking eventually I won't feel it any more. Or to get angry with it, assuming it's nicodemon, and keep batting it out. Both I guess.

I'm also wondering on something mmaya posted in her message today about other areas of life that are difficult, and difficult to deal with when not smoking, areas that need addressing. I know I was smoking to distract me from some issues, a couple of major ones, work being one of them. And addressing them is going to be challenging. In part, the smoking gap has opened up other gaps.

Okay, I'll finish on a positive note :D:p;):D:p;):cool:. Eleven days down!! YES!

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11 days in the bag, fantastic!

now the other stuff - missing something, yes, know that feeling, remember you are gaining your health, more money and freedom from those smelly unsociable sticks.

sometimes life sucks, look at past posts and you will notice that other posters have had horrendous times but still remain smoke free. it is that important.

i handed in my notice at work, lol, dramatic spring cleaning but i didn't like my job! have an interview tomorrow and need a new start. somethings we can change about our lives, and if you have the opportunity to change something for the better then why not?

i wouldn't recommend putting yourself under any extra stress atm, you are 11 days into a precious quit, whatever you do about 'gaps' you've identified, be gentle with yourself, you are doing so well x


Thanks for this Caroline. Yes, it's reminding myself of the benefits, focusing on those and chipping away from the block that is the old smoking habit.

How has your interview gone? Good?


Got the job! so happy x


Congratulations to you. It's clearly your time!


Well done walkabout, I know what you mean, since I've quit I've been doing some reevaluating of my life. I'm in the fortunate position where I've been able to work part time and be at home with my kids while they were growing up they are now 13&10 so don't need Mummy so much, which I find strange:rolleyes::rolleyes:, I've got a good qualifications and had a really good job before kids. Now I work in a busy shop but I only work mornings and I'm bored, I feel I've stopped using my brain and stuck in a rut, but don't know if I want to go back to work full time. Hence the reason I walk every afternoon, my OH has a fantastic job and on occasion has to travel I don't know I'm rambling, whereas I would have had a fag and accepted the status quo, now I'm not so sure x


Thanks Jess. I think it is the gaps where we (I) used to fill as distraction, and those gaps do allow time to reflect, if I don't fill them with sweet food, or any food for that matter. I'm going to increase my exercise regime shortly. I have run for a couple of buses this week, and made a good sprint. Only one of the drivers enjoyed the game of pulling away just as I got there!



I'm two days behind you in my quit and my thoughts echo some of what you wrote...mostly about counting minute by minute and the missing something, and wondering the best way to deal with that.

I don't know if it's the most conventional method, but two things that have got me to this point in the last couple of days so far are these: I tell myself every day that tomorrow, if I want, I will have a cigarette. When tomorrow then arrives I tell myself actually today's not so bad..I'll get through it and have a cigarette tomorrow...etc.

Then, I think about what you mentioned....'riding it out.' I repeat in my head that the psychological pangs will lessen the following day...too small to even notice some days, but each day the power of the habit weakens and if I add one more day, it's weaker still.

I don't know if that's of use but thought I'd share my latest 'tactic'!

Feel proud. Feel smug. Go and grin at yourself in the mirror - because despite feeling as you do, you are on day 11 without smoking. Despite all those struggles and the pangs - you are still going. :)


Always good to hear tactics Bex. Thank you. It's funny how those tactics need to change as time passes as well. I'm having to find new ones at the moment, but clearly some of them are working as I wouldn't have reached, hey, almost into day 13.

You had come a good way before you started posting on here, I think. This forum helps a good deal I'm finding.

I'd like to cultivate the Alan Carr message of not missing the little devils at all :0)


Reading Jess's post it looks like this giving up business makes some of us re evaluate our lives. Is it because we've done or are doing something we thought we couldn't, interesting isn't it?

I agree with bex that the psychological pangs lessen and my quit has been like a tap dripping, slowly getting easier.

Gosh, your post has got us all reflecting, and not just at that grinning face in the mirror :) x


Yes, I think in part it is the achievement that previously seemed out of reach. But also the distraction that smoking gives - I'll do it later; I'll just have a fag first :0) being one of my favourites (although not at work surprisingly). I suppose it's the triggers rearing up, and if the trigger isn't met, well you've got to do something else. So, me having had enough of the work day. I'll have a cigarette. That'll make it all better. Ha, I don't think so.

I have quite an affinity to navel gazing.


Hi Walkabout

I am so pleased you know you're going to hit 2 weeks. I am on 20 days now and I remember you starting off. You have done really well. Can't say I find it easy and my hubby has took a bit of a battering lately ( even thought it was time we split for a day or so) ha ha. I decided it is probably not going be great for a big longer yet in terms of psychological pangs but they are balanced by great feelings of pride at times. Maybe we will make more life changes as we realise we can do anything but for now my thoughts are not to take anything but this quit too seriously. One thing at a time. Hubby is safe though I am sure ;) it was just the anger thing many of us get in a quit!!


Ann Marie - thanks for this, and I'm very pleased to hear that you haven't had a marital breakdown based on cigarette withdrawal. I can imagine that one in the divorce courts!

Yes, I'm getting a bit impatient with myself and want the frustrated feelings off my case..........the worst way to go. well, I haven't caved yet. Change that..... I will not cave.


Speaking for myself, walkabout, the feeling like I'm missing out on some treat or other really has got less and less every day...hang in there, keep fighting it, keep repeating NOPE, and counting the benefits. I'm a big fan of physically making actual lists, you might have noticed...it really does help!

Also, though I haven't had to face anything Big since my Last Smoke, I am aware that the things that I used to 'need' a cigarette in order to accomplish, really aren't any more difficult without one...in fact they're often simpler, because they don't have the extra layer of rushing to fit a fag in, finding a place to smoke it, worrying how I smell afterwards etc etc...and that's giving me hope for my ability to tackle bigger issues when they come up.

Sending positive thoughts your way :) x


Thanks very much, Incy. I'm feeling those positive thoughts; they're coming in waves. I found studying a bit of an obstacle course once I was my smoking was ingrained. As you describe, I spent a substantial amount of my time time working out my smoking schedule, which does nothing for concentration!


tell me about it! As if I didn't procrastinate enough already, now I have to fight through this weird 'but if I study I'll want to smoke, so maybe I should just skive a bit!' thing ;) Ho hum! x


Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but it is funny. Maybe you could pace and learn. Be a kinetic learner. You'll be very popular if you have lecture based classes :0)


Happy to make you laugh walkabout :) That's what I do - bring you down on one thread and lift you up on another ;)

Sadly I'm a distance learner, my balletic pacing goes unappreciated!


Somewhere between 11 and 12 days (you can google it for yourself) is ONE MILLION seconds :)

Muchos congrachos ... !!


Steve, that's a lovely fact, and I'm hearing that in the voice of Dr Evil from Austin Powers! Including the 'muchos congrachos'. And now I want nachos. Sigh.


Almost in the middle of the two! Wow, that's impressive.


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