.............and enter Day 6

Five days down. I'm very pleased. A repeat of yesterday with a craving around the 4:00pm mark. A Mars Bar helped but I felt a bit denied (in reality I'm not denying myself anything, rather the opposite).

I went for a drink with two work colleagues this evening, the first alcoholic drink since I quit. Two and a half pints. Being out in the pub was absolutely fine, I didn't have a problem, but on leaving, that's when it hit me. Even on my bus journey home I was thinking I can just get off now and buy cigarettes. I didn't. On getting home, I had my OJ and several snack food items, and it took me a while to get over the urge. My authority over the little monster was reduced, but, happily I remain smoke-free. I'm still struggling with actually seeing not smoking as a very good thing. And so on to another day........................:p

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  • Chuffed to bits for ya!!!! You're doing so well! I know its hard but all these little victories are only going to make you stronger! Its something I need to get my head round too, cigarettes are not a treat/reward, I CANNOT just have one and I dont need one to calm me down when I'm stressed! I just keep repeating NOPE to myself when a craving hits and concentrating on my breathing like you suggested! Keep doing what you're doing...it'll get easier as you get stronger!! Xx

  • That's brilliant Walkabout :) Going for a drink and emerging unscathed is a really big deal, be proud!

    If 4pm's a danger time for you, can you change your routine just then? Do something a bit different like...I don't know, organise your tinned goods cupboard into colour coded gorgeousness, that could be absorbing and sort of fun in a weird way (I haven't already done this, honest...*whistles*). Or if you're at work at the time, you could just plan what your cupboard could look like, (I'm fixated. I hadn't realised.)

    Well done and hooray for you x

  • .....organised tins, mmmmmmmmm, gorgeousness? ha ha! this quitting business makes us a little bonkers!

  • Great going walkabout, just think, this time tomorrow you'll be on the cusp of a week :)

    Well done on surviving the alcohol test but may I suggest for the next time, and your 4pm time, that you always have some really tangy sweets on hand to really take the edge off, something like Fisherman's Friends.

    Time will heal your thoughts about whether not smoking is a good thing or not, just keep putting the time in between you and your last smoke and your brain will eventually cath up with your desire :)

  • Well done, your confidence today I hope is brimming over for being so strong yesterday...amazing...

  • Phew! I was once saved from buying a pack when queuing in a shop by a really skanky lady in pj's and slippers in front of me. I just don't want to be that woman, so glad you didn't buy any :) x

  • it wasn't pretty x

  • Phew! I was once saved from buying a pack when queuing in a shop by a really skanky lady in pj's and slippers in front of me. I just don't want to be that woman, so glad you didn't buy any :) x

    Perhaps it was your smoking ghost of Christmas future :p

  • ha ha! the thought had crossed my mind! x

  • Thanks for all the comments above. Really helpful, and some rather amusing (I haven't tried colour coding the tins just yet);). Sure enough the feeling did come on again yesterday around the same time (however, I reckon I get at other times throughout the day; it's just that my tolerance is lower by 4pm). I had been in a team planning meeting for the new financial year and my craves from the two days before very much resembled my 'okay, two + hours in this meeting is long enough!' thinking, fidgety, restless, a bit hot under the collar. So, an interesting 'crave'. Do 'craves' mirror real life? Hmmm.

    On that note, I have made it into quit Day 7, with 8 hours to go to my first week. I'm terribly impressed, but know it is early days, but without those I wouldn't get to the later days would I?

    All the best to everyone today.

  • The early days are the hardest physically in my experience, now its all warrior mind games, cigs on one side , us on the other...do you join the dark side or decide you like smelling nice, breathing clearly, having money, not being antisocial....its a game and we are winning ...well done you are beating this :D

  • You're right, Ali and it is that tug of war again, and yes, I'm in the winning direction.

  • Morning,

    Day 7 is a great achievement. Hope you have a good day today because you enjoy having got there. That's how I did day 7 then looked to get to day 10. It is getting easier now for me if that helps x

  • It does help; thanks. And it will be time this afternoon to set my new target - I need small targets for now!

  • Well done walkabout, a week quit, a night out negotiated and still quit! :)

    Here's to Week 2 :)

  • Massive well done! If you can make for 1 week, you can certainly make for 2, roll on next week :)

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