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Heading into week 2

So come 11pm tonight I will be in week 2, not to bad today, been at work this morning, asked my boss, to give me any spare hours going to get me out of house. Now away to dentist with 10 year old son, who has to get sedated to get any work done due to a bad experience getting a tooth out last year, if I can make it through this without a smoke, I really can make it through anything

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Oh dear, poor little dude, it can be so difficult at the dentist, I do hope it goes well.

Your doing so very well indeed, as the time passes, it does get easier, but like any addiction, it's going to take a while for you to adjust to the new none smoking lady.

Fantastic just keep going,


Well done Jess and best wishes to your little man too. Nobody really likes the dentist, or needles in general, so he's not on his own.

Of course you will make it through today, you don't want him to see his mom smoke do you?

Take a bag of sweets (sod what the dentist says! :p) take some water and chomp through them chanting NOPE, NOPE, NOPE if you have to. You'll get some strange looks, but it should help you get through smoke free :p


Thank you everyone, it wasn't to traumatic, as he was on the laughing gas, all this for a little filling, anyway the good news is I'm still not smoking, bring on week 2, let's see what you are going to throw at me, have a good night everyone, off to bed to watch Broadchurch x


All these triggers you are overcoming early in your quit is a good sign Jess :)

Knock the triggers over one by one and you'll never have to worry about them tempting you to smoke again :cool:

Roll on Week 2 :)


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