No Smoking Day
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day 87

So my plan has changed AGAIN lol

I was meant to go back onto step 3 patches on the weekend but I have decided to go cold turkey. Ive been totally fine.

I thought about cigarettes this morning but i didnt want one, i wanted mints instead. This is the lozenge addiction

I will go out and by some boiled sweets if its not raining at lunch time, it should sooth the itch :D

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Less than 2 weeks to the magic 100 days Sparkle! :)

That was a really big milestone for me and was the point when I really decided that, no matter what, I was never going to go back to smoking again.

Good on you for going cold turkey (everyone has to eventually) but remember, if it gets too much, any form of NRT is better than smoking. If you can battle it out for a while it really will start getting easier and easier.

The moment when you realise you are no longer dependant on anything is a great one and I have a feeling that your moment is not that far away :)

Keep on, keeping on, down the yellow quit road!


Just wanted to add my huge congratulations doing so very well indeed, it will get easier, but your doing a grand job.



thanks peeps. im sooo hungry, I could eat 10 dinners!

Im really looking forward to my 100 days. I have never reached this far before. I need to plan a ridiculous treat :D


teehee thanks Karri! *spins in circles throwing glitter at everyone*


Well done Sparkle, 100 days is a massive achievement, what are you going to do to treat yourself xx


Well done I'm only on day 7 have moments where I think I really want one, but I don't really, hope to get to 100 days x


Well done sparkly one x so happy for you, you remain one day ahead of me!


im not sure how im going to treat myself yet, it will have to be something outrageous!

I just bought myself a huge bag of pic n mix for lunch. Im on a sugar come down, i need sleep :-P


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