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Did I really used to be a smoker ?

And as the 'Match Of The Day' theme tune starts this evening - it will be exactly a year since I stubbed out my last roll-up.

It hasn't been an easy journey to becoming smoke free - but the rewards of quitting have made it all worthwhile.

I don't have a guaranteed method to pass on to others. The only advice I can give is to not give up on giving up.

During the 50+ years that I smoked - I tried many times to quit. But not smoking made me feel that I wasn't the real me.

A year ago - I thought I'd put quitting to the test and see if I can still be me without lighting up.

And I can. And I did. And I'm still me...... but WITHOUT the wheezing, without the nicotine stained fingers, without the burn holes in my shirts and jumpers, without the grey complexion, without dull eyes, without breathlessness when I walk, without the panic of running out of tobacco and/or papers.

But WITH - extra cash in my pocket and genuinely feeling more relaxed.

In the early days of quitting - I looked at this forum daily - sometimes hourly.

It helped to realise that others understood what I was going through.

I commend to new - or would-be quitters - to take the N.O.P.E vow - "Not One Puff Ever".

And shortly - I shall watch 'Match Of The Day' - without a thought for cigarettes.

Thank you to those of you (past and present) on this forum who have been supportive of me without knowing you were.

And all good wishes to those who are trying to give up the fags.

I did it.

You CAN do it.

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Well done that man! The first year. Back of the net. Massive congratulations. Like you.....I can hardly believe I ever smoked. Enjoy motd 😃


Congratulations, I'm waiting for motd to come on and fall asleep as soon as the tune starts. Hope your team have won as well as you have !


Thanks AndrewG. Yep - my team won 5-0 today. Wolves - not Man City !


Ha enjoy, not every day your team get 5.

5 nil and a year not smoking now that's better than good.

Shame Wolves havnt been on MOTD a while, tough league to get up from but still a beautiful day !



Well done that man, it.s an amazing transformation isn't it. I though the same thing last week. I can't believe I was a smoker for all those years. Seems ridiculous now.

Wekcome to the penthouse where your team win 5-0 EVERY week.


Hi, just wanted to pop on and say a huge well done from me..

Wow you did quit in quite grand style, so pleased for you.

Brilliant news, I often thought of you, as initially we quit around the same time.

Great new


Congratulations. To have smoked for 50 years and been able to give it up is something special.


Well Done !


Superb post and well done.

Once you've put in a few months since your last cigarette, the red mist of addiction starts to clear and, as you say, it becomes hard to believe you ever smoked.

I look at smokers now with pity rather than envy - was I ever mad enough to do that?:eek:


Congratulations on your quit and such an honest inspirational post.

Well done😆😆😆


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