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No Smoking Day
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Another Year !!!

Hi everyone

Today is the first anniversary of entering the Penthouse, and second full year without smoking. Wow it feels good to say that.

Keep going everyone: I hardly ever think about smoking now, so don't believe all those moaners saying things like "once a smoker, always a smoker":eek:. Nonsense. You can maintain your quit, and in due course you will naturally drift away from smoking entirely.

Onwards and upwards!


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Great post Biggrin, and very true.


Wonderful :)

I know I say this every time, but it is lovely to hear reports from Beyond The Penthouse. It's so inspiring.

Well done you and thank you for popping your head around the curtain as it were.


Hi Biggrin, Massive congrats to you on a wonderful achievement, its believing people like you that keeps me going, some days its so crap I cant begin to put it into words but I know deep down it will be all worth it x


Well done biggrin!

You're absolutely correct as in everything you say as well!

Keep going!


Nice post Biggrin - two years eh?

Never doubted it, congratulations and happy anniversary!!! :cool:


Wow Big grin so glad to see you stop by and say hello. Congrats on the 2 years. Absolutely amazing and inspiring, thank you!!!

I wish more long term quitters would pop by from time to time (hint hint) ;)

Best Wishes!!


Nic, Tractorgirl, Skiddaw, Lostie (good to hear from you, too - not long to your 2 year point either - nice one), Tea, Donna, Jenny, Ets, Hawkeye, Max and Sherri.


It's great to see that the posts on here are still positive and supportive - I found this place such a help during my quit.

One thing I've noticed is how brave people are. Quitting puts you through the wringer at times, and I feel my heart swelling with admiration and pride for those who are on the early, grueling stages of their quit. Very well done.

You are already much further into it than you realise, and the Penthouse is actually nearer than it seems. So keep going, you are doing fabulously.


Hi Biggrin - well done, two years is great :):)


Well done Biggrin, fantastic achievement and I agree with you 100%. I am approaching 2 years and rarely think about smoking now, it really does become soo much easier the further down the line you get :D


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