Start of Day 9

Wow Check me out on Day 9. Friday was hard as I knew it would be. I used to smoke a lot on Friday night (sadly not due to being out partying) but mainly due to having a few drinks at home and a few joints.

Saturday was the hardest day yet as it was my first one since I kicked it. My DW works and is out all day which left me to freely smoke all day long....that was really tough.

Sunday and one week in, and I have to say I hardly thought about smoking the whole day, totally brilliant.

This morning, not much really, Once I got into London I was walking behind several smokers and they really stunk!! I used to enjoy the smell but this morning was gross......Just had my morning Banana and now for some Crunchy Nut and then the blue pill.....

I cant believe im actually doing this.....:eek:

2 Replies

  • Hi Tea

    Yea they know. My Kids are really pleased. I know my wife is too but she is still sceptical to the point that she actually asked to smell my fingers (lol to check for smoke people hehe).

  • Nice one Lloyd :)

    In fact, I think we can say that it won't be long before you're well and truly off the cravey-train ;)

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