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Day 19


Hi everybody,

It's been a week since I posted here & am pleased to say I'm still not smoking! Haven't used the e-cig for a few days but when I'm finding it hard I am still using the lozenges. Noticed today how much difference not smoking made when i took my dog to his weekly agility class. Still haven't got a hope of keeping up with him, but at least i can still breathe at the end of the course!

Like others, I have taken up running again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and am determined to get fit enough for a 5k run.

I'm still not finding giving up easy, the past 3 days have been really hard but I really want to give up this time. I made some progress though - the packet of cigarettes which I'd left in my coat pocket were put into a drawer last Monday. So for the first time in about 20 years I am able to leave home without cigarettes.

Wishing everybody else who is giving up lots of luck.


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Morning All,

I am on day 20, and have now consumed 3 times my own body weight in Goldenbears.

Best of luck to everyone :)

well done sally!

19 days is fantastic!

i look forward to the post where the cigarettes have made it out of the drawer and into the bin after being run under a tap! i for sure would have given into that temptation around so well done! a lot of people don't realise how hard these little habits are (we on the forum of course do) its finding that courage somewhere along in our quits that allow us to break them! i still go out with this checklist




oh yeah..... slaps hand to forehead and immediately grab some chewing gum! much easier these last weeks but the initial panic of 'what if i need them?' still lingers sometimes but it is forgotten!

best of luck with the rest of your first month, keep going:) your doing amazingly well!

Well done both of you :D

Is that a human I see walking past or an enormous Goldenbear? ;)

Well done both of you :D

Is that a human I see walking past or an enormous Goldenbear? ;)


Cheers Skiddaw :)

Thankfully I've not put any weight on yet, but worried that I may have more trips to the dentist on the horizon.

Just come back from a week in the US and did not have one craving. The best flight experience I have ever had as a result.

Good work Sal and Marvin, three weeks tomorrow Yeeeehah :D

Cheers Donna :)

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