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Day 9


Still struggling on but almost finished the weekend so I feel calmer. My mind is defo playing tricks on me. Don't get craves as such but this intense longing for about 4/5 hours and always the same time each day.....what's that all about? Keep telling myself over and over that giving in will make me worse and won't solve anything. Withdrawal side effects have completely disappeared and I'm feeling normal again so that's a positive and I sleep like a baby!! Just want this intense longing to leave me alone in the evenings. Good thing is I'm ready for it but it leaves me completely exhausted mentally. Fingers crossed the rest of week 2 will just flow nicely! Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Thanks Max! I really do listen intently to the advice and take it as gospel. Funny how my brain keeps having to be told that it will get easier then that doubt is saying it won't it won't it won't! I'm in no hurry to make any rash decisions other than this means more to me than anything. Taking it slowly and trying to stay in the moment :)

Thanks Tractorgirl! I see you have been quit over 6 you still get that longing feeling? I suppose everyone is different. Wish I knew when it would do one. Still think about the wretched things 16 hours a day but what you are saying makes sense. Suppose I'll just get used to it eventually. I don't want to smoke just don't like this feeling. 4pm has arrived we go again for 4 hours! :eek:

Thanks again! I now have hope in my head! I won't cave. I'll have to keep that thought at the front of my mind that things will be a lot different in 6 months time! :)

Couldn't agree more with what TG said the vital thing here is post and wait for 3 replies before you give in this has saved me twice in this quit already, so very near to 2 whole weeks well done to you xx

Time really does cure. :)

Poor Dolores- I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it 6 months from now (I remember wishing desperately that I could hibernate until the worst was over) but alas, it can't be done. One of the forum regulars, Tracey, once said that the key to quitting is just to go on putting one foot in front of the other and never was a truer sentence spoken (she's wise is our Tracey :)). It sounds so obvious but it really is the only way to succeed.

Grit your teeth, plod on and I promise the path will become less steep & rocky the further you go. We'll all be here to cheer you along and to give you a helping hand over the awkward bits. :D

And tomorrow you'll be in double-figures. How wonderful is that?

Thanks again everyone! Sorry to keep asking questions and bugging you all. I am listening and learning as I go. Cheers for the support :)

Never be sorry, Dolores. That's what the forum is for. :)

And you're very, very, welcome anyway.

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