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3 hours until week 2

Probably the worst end to my first week! Feeling very much deflated. The 5 hour background craving again tonight was as bad as day 3.....starting to wonder if I can really do this. Very tearful and upset. Just want this so badly that I almost wish I could fast forward to 1 year later....can't buy cigarettes anyway as the shop is shut.....thank god! It's out of my hands for this evening. Tomorrow another day. :(

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Just want this so badly that I almost wish I could fast forward to 1 year later....(

Dolores, I remember thinking exactly the same thing at the end of my first week. It really does seem impossible to imagine that things will ever feel any different doesn't it? All I can say is that I promise- big, fat promise- that they will (and sooner than you imagine).

There's a point around now where the initial excitement of quitting wears off and you suddenly realise you're in for the long haul and that's a toughy. Try not to look at how far you have to go because it'll only make you panic (and start to doubt that you can ever make it) but instead, break it down into manageable steps. You've already parked your first week and that's a mighty achievement :). Concentrate on getting through today and let tomorrow (and next week, and next month) take care of itself.

You're doing SO well Dolores! :D


Awww Dolores I can't really add to what's been said because both ladies above are quite right, I just wanted to give you a big (((( virtual hug )))) and suggest that you treat yourself to something lovely or do something you enjoy to celebrate your first week smoke free I'm sure it will make you feel better xxxx



I wish I could make you feel better right now :(

This is going to be a tough fight, except that and keep moving forward one hour at a time if need be and pretty soon it will get a wee bit better, promise!!

You are doing this, keep going!!! :)


Thanks guys!! Feeling a tad better today. Learning all the time and weekends are hard!!! Going to keep reading he forums as that's what really spurs me on at times. I read one week ahead and notice that I doesn't look as bad as the previous week so here's hoping things get a little better every week x:D


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