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Ending Day 360!!

Feeling super silly now-- I keep looking at my stats just like I did when I first began this journey when every second not smoking was a major milestone (and it always will be)!!! I actually had a brief craving after a meal yesterday and it angered me more than anything as I easily pushed it away---if this nicodemon were a person he/she would have been in serious trouble!!! But I guess it was a reminder to me to never let my guard down even though I have absolutely no desire or intention to touch one of those nasty, smelly, destructive, controlling things ever again!!

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And so you should be very excited and very happy, you have done a wonderful thing, it takes guts and determination, but you pushed the those oh so difficult times.

Brilliant so pleased for you, it does inspire, me just to keep going.:)


Well done, I too would be excited where you are. :):)


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