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One whole week.yay

WELL I'VE COMPLETED A WHOLE WEEK which has flown by, no climbing walls but quite a bit of craving at certain key moments like mornings and drinking coffee and breaktimes. The main entrance to the art school is a magnet for smokers and gives me a moment of nostalgia and longing for the camaraderie Have been a lot stressed with computers all week having to use software like photoshop and powerpoint. havnt got a clue. all the 20 somethings are way ahead of me and i'm falling behind which is getting me down, thoughts of smoking at these times come thick and fast and i just want to give in and run away. couldnt sleep last night worrying about it so took the morning off felt so rough. i'm going in later hoping to catch up. Finding it so hard to bond with my peer group its becoming quite a lonely isolating experience. maybe i could form a quit group !

7 days how good is that.

Mash x

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Well done Mash :D

Like Max says, all those tiddlers may know a bit about Paintshop but they'll have bog-all in the way of life experience. I'll bet you end up as a shoulder for some of them to cry upon (and a general fountain of wisdom) and that they're envying you your poise and confidence...

Aren't there any other 'mature' students you could pal up with?


Hey Mash glad that first week is out of the way for you, just wondering if maybe you feel a bit lonely and out of sorts because of the quit? It's just a thought cos I get down and fed up hence me doing this several times :rolleyes:

If that's the case as you know from quitting for 2 years it will pass mate, I have been reading your previous posts and I am taking so much from them I could of wrote half of them!

Chin up and plough on as the others have said you will end up being the don of the group :D hope it picks up soon and with regards to a quit group yh why not? If I had a bit of direction when I was younger I would not be here struggling to quit now x


Hi, mash, all these situations seem so enhanced when we are not at ease with our self, so firstly WOW WOW, a whole week smoke free, now as you progress , I'm sure you will see and feel a whole lot better.

I have always found life's changes take a little time, and I'm quite sure although you believe your struggling, others will be also, they are just not saying.

Keep going you are doing amazing, believe me when I say , the longer the quit, the weaker the crave.

Doing great:)


7 days well done :) Always good to see the first week completed :)


thanks folks for the praise and the cheering on, I think its important to get affirmations from folks who understand the importance of this when we do such a fantastic thing like quitting. been doing a bit of asking around for help with computer skills. hey titch its an art degree im doing in answer to your question.:) looking forward to my next milestone, have managed to save £30. time for atreat me thinks.



Hey hun :)

Great to see you back and doing so well

Those weeks will soon add up


Onwards and upwards is the only way to go


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