last day in week two!!:D: day 14......belter... - No Smoking Day

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last day in week two!!:D


day 14......belter!!!

feeling good....:D

craves are almost non existent....;)

mind games are hellish but im winning....:D

im slowly realising that I can do this;)

must not get complacent....armour still on!

I have a lot to be happy about today! come at me week 3!!:D:D:D

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Nice one Laura :)

You can win the mind-games. As one of the forum regulars (can't remember who off the top of my head :o) says, being beaten by a plant is simply not an option. :D

Onwards to Week Three and many congratulations.

Your steaming through this now Laura, well done hun! :) :)

Look at you go Laura, all is in place for you to ease yourself nicely into week three.

You have a great mindset, so pleased all is going well:)

Keep us updated how your doing any issues, straight on here.

Doing great:)

Well done Laura. Looks like you've got your mind in the right place.

Keep going!

Well done Laura :)

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