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back again day one


hi guys

yep back again and here I go

have looked back at all my past posts and have realised that I was waiting to give myself an excuse to smoke again .... so I did.

so here I am again 2 years later ... never forgot this site or all the kind words and advice given.

will be going against our MP next year as an independent candidate and I have to raise all the advertising money myself then reclaim back and have been trying to find a way to raise extra income.

then it hit me like a rocket..

why am I spending a fiver a day on fags when I could be saving that money.

it got to me last year when people died in their own homes because they could not afford to heat them but we pay for MPS utility bills...

that my motivation to quit .... and help others where I can

kind regards tim

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Hello Tim,

A big welcome back from the resident American lol. Hope you stick around and kick the nico's azz!!! ;)

Good for you Tim, and may I say that 1964 was a very good year? On the presumption that was when you were born, you will be joining me in celebrating a Significant Birthday at some point this year..:)

I will wish you well both in your quitting career and your political career. Do keep posting and let us know how things are going. :)

Hello Tim, and welcome, we all have our reasons, and yours as a good as any ones, I wish you well, and look forward to your posts:)

Great to see you on this magnificent forum.:)

Hello Tim, you joined this site in 2007, golden oldie like our Donna. Glad to see you have decided to fight once more and this time its for keeps. Good for you standing as a MP. When you get in maybe you could put forward a motion to get fags banned xxx

Ere Mrs less of the old :p:p xx

Hi Tim,

Welcome back :) :) if at first we don't succeed we try try and try again, good luck you can do it :) x

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