No Smoking Day
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OMG! Nearly there!!!

As of today, I have just one more month to go before I hit the year smoke free! Wow! I've survived...ok, my health has taken a serious downward turn but how much worse would it have been if I hadn't quit? 11 months under my belt....but I was...& am still...determined that this was it. Never going back..not again. I am no longer an ex smoker...I AM A NON SMOKER!!!! & it's no good, trying to bar the doors of the penthouse...I'm edging ever closer! ;)

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Wow- that's flipping wonderful Sophie! :)

I feel like we should lay on a limousine to transport you the remaining short distance to the Penthouse. How about we hire a really blingy gold one? Obviously it will have a built-in champagne & oyster bar. :D

We shall all be cheering you home very soon.

Reply can have the oysters...just gimme the champers! :D


Wow Sophie!! Not long now - we will certainly need a party to celebrate!! Looking forward to seeing you cross the finishing line and forcing your way into the penthouse!!!



Amazing hope your very proud, all the hard work being rewarded. So pleased for you:)

Hope you are planning something nice for the big day.::)


An inspiration to us all; particularly those of us on rocky ground round the 6 month mark now. You must feel so proud of yourself and Im sure they have a seat on the terrace with a cocktail with umbrellas in it waiting for you on your grand entrance... roll out the red carpet! Please God may I be joining you in 6 months time.


Thanks Max. Just words of encouragement help. I know full well from past attempts (that didnt last as long as this one for me), that allowing myself to 'fall of the wagon' and have 'just the one' results in my being right back to a pack a day smoker again, trying yet again some months down the line to deal with all this again. So might as well just hang on to the reigns now and keep going; no matter how uncomfortable it is. I know its just stress, and this will pass.

Im on exactly 6 months today - so this is definitely a big milestone for me.


Craig, you CAN do this...6 months is a HUGE achievement...I'll have your seat ready for you in the Penthouse ;)


Excellent news, 11 months and counting!

Fantastic achievement - you should be proud of yourself.

I know I will be :)


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