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Has anyone tried champix?

I'm on day 8 of not smoking. I've had nausea for a while and have now starting vomiting. Finished my 2nd to last day of the starter pack and wondered if anyone else had these effects. Had nothing else side effect wise and no cravings. I've also been near smokers so it's not too much of a shock to the system when I'm not on champix anymore. Had anyone not finished the 3 month course and stayed smoke free?

I'm determined to do this one way or the other. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow but I can tell you now he hasn't got a clue!


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Hey fuzzy

Champix also made me feel the same however by the end of the first month of tabs, it went away , I suppose my body just got used to it.

With the regard people smoking again after the whole course, rember it is an aide not a wonder cure the will and determination not to smoke come from you.

I am on day 9 so we pretty close to each other check what the doc says and hang in there!

Hi Fuzz, Champix made me feel awful too, I tried various methods with the morning tablet, setting the alarm an hour before I got up to take it, with breakfast, mid morning with a biscuit, mid morning with a cup of coffee but in the end I was just taking the bed time tablet, that way when the room started spinning I was "safe" - I would suggest bearing with it for another week or so until it's in your system properly then if it hasn't settled down try different ways of taking it, if that doesn't work, have a word with your cessation adviser as they may have better ideas or reduce your dose - good luck ;)

I had too many side effects on Champix so after the two week starter pack I just stopped taking them. I suppose they got me through the hardest days, I stopped on about day 8 of my quit but I can't really feel a difference anyway apart from being in a better mood now I have stopped taking them.

I too have fely really pukey up until the past 2 days on Chantix. I think it takes some time and then seems to level out. Everyone is different though. I am no longer feeling ill but I am wondering if it doesn't have something to do with not having nicotine in my system anymore? I kind of think so.

Good luck, try and get through if you can, I think the symptoms will ease up.

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