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Week 2 Ups n Downs

On Day 8 and for some strange reason i must have had 5 or six craves today ??

It wasn't hard to deal with but just seemed a harder day than normal, however on a positive note my concentration seems back :)

just finished an 8km bike ride with my son , and for some reason i feel totally "Amped" it's like i am in a state of euphoria , then it dawned on me i am overdosing on oxygen LOL

I hope EVERYONE has a FANTASTIC Evening / Day depending on the time zone and thanks for all the support you have given me!

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Way to go man!!! Ahhh day 8, you must be feeling quite pleased with yourself as you should. I am right behind you ;)

Keep it up, you are kickin azz!!!



Is a roller coaster, but your winning, well done you:)

Keep going:) would love a bike, but last time I had one, it had 3 wheels lol:o


Ups and downs indeed - but just think of it like that bike ride you did at the weekend - some bits of quitting are more difficult, but up hill is followed by down dale :D



I'm so jealous I have a bike but nowhere nice to ride it because I live in the city. Hopefully in the summer I can put the bike on the car and head out to the Peaks. Well done on day 8, the hardest part is done!


Excellent Dude! Really glad you're enjoying the cycling and overdosing on oxegyn. That's the best thing you can do in relation to dealing with craves.

You're steaming ahead and are doing mightily. :)


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