I don't want to Jinx anything (<---haha) but its been a Month and 4 days since i quit smoking, and i got on the scale this morning, and i am only see a ONE POUND difference! woohoo, i was so watch ill put on like 40 in the next week just cause i said something! i figure if i didn't put a butt load on the first Month, i probably won't!..Right? is hoping haha.

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  • Wow, that's absolutely fab, your doing great:)

  • Well done! For me the scariest part of giving up was the weight gain but I guess we have both been lucky so far. Keep it up (:

  • Fantastic Jinx! :)

    Slim and smoke-free. How fab is that? :D

  • thanks guys!! : )

  • You are doing so well - quitting without gaining - I don't think we should count 1lb - that could just be dodgy scales :D

    Mostly though I love the "woo hoo" attitude - many don't go into battle with nic cus they are worried about the weight gain , but you did it and have come out on top and in control - Massive admiration - GO you :)


  • Wel done Jinxy! Disciplined in the quit and eating habits! Good for you ;):):cool: x

  • Well done think of all that money £££££££££££££££:D

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