No Smoking Day
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Whew made it!!!

Good morning peeps!!!!

I am checking in on a beautiful sunny 80 degree morning. Day 6, who would have thought lol..... :eek:

Had a horrible time the past few days. Really wasn't sure I could continue so yesterday me and the OH packed up the boat and headed out into the Gulf of Mexico minus any ciggies or alcohol. I was shall we say a captive audience. I really needed to get my head back in it without the ability to get to any place where I could purchase the damn things. Let me tell you, the first day out on the boat this season with NO beer & NO smokes was really difficult, I admit to sulking for a bit. I had to really dig deep to pull myself out of it and stop being a spoiled brat but I did it and after about 2 hours I managed to enjoy myself. Saw a few beautiful dolphin, that will always bring a smile :p It worked, headed home late in the day.

Got a pretty good sunburn for my trouble but I'm still smoke free and maybe just a bit more dug into the fight than I was before the weekend. Still worried about the days to come but I am just really going to try and take it an hour or day at a time. This is truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do so I guess I have to just get my head around that and keep going. Not sure if it is the Chantix or me but I have been really mad about everything in general the past few days.

I hope everyone else has managed thru the weekend as well. :)

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Well done both of you! I'm glad you're pairing up as quit buddies. Yay the Dynamic Duo! :)

Sherri, the boat trip sounds idyllic...


Hap hap happy for you, your going strong, and seem focused, brilliant, :). Not easy is it?, but have decided if it was easy no one would smoke would they?


Thank you everyone!! :p

Debbie, anytime heehee. No smoking though :mad:

Max, thank you as always for the encouragement. It was preferable to locking myself in a closet which is probably exactly what the OH wishes he could have done. Lucky he didn't pitch me over the side of the boat lol.

Skiddaw, you are so inspirational.... thank you a milllion times. :cool:

Karri - ok now that really made me laugh out loud ;)

Tracey - actually I think I have had more fun picking up dog poo than this :eek:

Nevertheless, onward quitters, let's keep it moving just for today anyway.


Well done Sherri - I shall keep my green-eyed monster under control as I look out at the rainy, cold weather and wish you well with your quit :D:D

Keep us updated chick




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