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Evening all,

So maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but I am nearing the end of day 16, tomorrow is day 17 and I am sure it will flyby, then I hit day 18... day 18 is as far as I got last year, my first and only quit.

Don't get me wrong it hasn't been easy and there have been many times where I could and would have caved, but I didn't.

I can cycle and run further, my cough has practically gone, I have got more energy (even after the sleepless nights), food taste better, although coffee is horrible lol, but generally feel healthier (cliché I know!).

Anyway, just checking in with you all to say I am still here, things are good and the cravings are a lot better to handle, nicotine can DO ONE!

Take it easy guys,


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Great stuff Rustler, I think around the two to three week mark is where many of us start to feel we've turned the corner and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It can also be a danger period where a little complacency starts to creep in - having done so well and proved to ourselves that we don't need cigarettes, one really wouldn't hurt, right?

WRONG! - it would hurt big time. Just be aware of that chattering addict voice trying to convince you otherwise:eek::eek:

Keep your guard up, keep your eyes on the prize, and before you know it you'll be cruising into the penthouse:D:D

Go that Rustler!! :D

Once you've beaten your record there will definitely be no turning back. That's fantastic. :)

I am so proud of you!!! This will be our time for sure. I will be creeping up behind you from here on in lol ;)

Talk soon!


Nice one Rustler so am I right in thinking that today is the furthest you have ever got in a quit? If so, congratulations :) this will definitely keep you motivated x


Don't tell him he's doing that well, he just gets all puffed up and then there's no dealing with him! :rolleyes:

He cannot have a super suite unless I can have the super duper suite. Besides, you promised me first :eek: tsk

Haha, I definitely won't be letting my guard down anytime soon!

Just feel very optimistic at the moment, which is funny really as I was a grumpy sh!t until a few days ago lol

Adios amigos,


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