No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Plonk (ouch - that hurt!)

Hopefully with new, stronger resolve...

Make that definitely with new, stronger resolve.

Triggers identified - but for what it's worth, I kind of get now, I just have to NOT smoke.

If the going gets tough, I will post and post and post, until I am in a safe place again.

I can do this and I will do this.

As Woody Allen said, 80% of success is showing up, well I'm here again, for the other 20% - over to me :D



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well done for taking the brave step of dusting down and starting again-we are here for you x


Atta girl Mina.

That's all.

Fi x


Good on you Mina :D:D:D

Definitely KEEP posting!


Nice one Mina, glad to see you back and ready to kick butt!


Hurrah!! :D

Kept checking yesterday in the hope you would be back. So pleased...

Well done Mina! This is going to be The One. I can feel it in my water. :)


We're all so proud of you Mina for joining the good fight again so quickly. There will always be support here for you whenever you need it.

Be resolute, believe in yourself and you WILL NOT fail.

Molly x


I'm so glad you're restarting your quit hun, especially not making the mistake I did and letting it slide for months!! You've made the right choice :)

Whenever you need help and support, we're here for you 'cos we want this to be the one for you :D



Course you can do it Mina without a doubt! keep up the fight mate :) x


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