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Terrible breakout

Hi guys,

Ive just come to get sorted for the day and put some make up on, looked in the mirror and I look dreadful! It's like the walking dead!

I have spots all over my forehead, on my chin and they seem to be spreading onto my cheeks! I'm wondering if this is kind of like a detox thing?! The ones on my chin are quite painful and I can feel them stinging under my make up! Don't suppose anyone has any tips to help?!

I know this might sound disgusting too but I have noticed since stopping smoking, my wee has smelled really bad too, even though I have replaced my nicotine breaks with sparkling peachy water?!

I must admit I don't physically feel great at the moment, how long is it before I will feel sexy again?! Lol

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Hi Gritty,

First of all, congratulations for getting back on the horse and not letting the recent blip blow your quit. That takes real guts :D

From what I understand, a breakout of spots is a very normal quitting side effect (not one I experienced thankfully but I know many other forum regulars did) and I am sure is, indeed, a result of your body detoxing and all the nasty gunk leaving your system. I've not encountered the smelly wee up until now but would take even money on it being connected. If it continues it's probably worth getting it checked out in case you have a kidney infection or something, but I bet it soon wears off.

I think you'll just have to let it all run its course unfortunately. It won't be long before you see all the lovely, positive side effects on your skin & hair if my experience is anything to go by. :)


I also got a few quite painful spots in the first couple of weeks which was a bit of a shock as I never even had any spots when I was a teenager:)

I just wanted to agree emphatically with something that Skiddaw said. My skin/complexion at week 7 of my quit has undergone a bit of a transformation. I'm 46 so I have a few laughter lines etc but a couple of days ago I looked at my face in the mirror and was amazed. I look at least 5 years younger due to a healthy glow rather than the grey waxy look I had AND I swear some of my laughter lines have lessened especially the ones round my top lip which all older smokers develop.

If I could bottle this and market it as a cream I'd make a fortune.

Well done on sticking with it, I know you had a wobble, respect for not allowing it to derail you. Good luck for the week.


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