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What day is it??


Hello everyone!!

I feel like I'm skidding in here by the seat of my pants today, my feet haven't touched the ground over the last week or so with various work stuff but I'm very very happy to say that I'm still a non smoker!!

I don't know how long I've not been smoking for though - Gem? What day are we on??

I'm also pretty convinced that if I had been a smoker, I wouldn't have been given the chances I've been given over the last few days and apart from a dream last night where everyone was offering me fags and I was desperate for one, I haven't even thought about it!

I've attached a sneaky little peak at what I've been up to at one of the shows I worked on at London Fashion Week (although I'll need to remove this pretty quickly just in case I'm not supposed to!). I'm pretty sure that had I been a stinky smoker when I met the lady who runs the team, she wouldn't have wanted me there and I might have missed out on this.

Hope all my quit buddies are doing well and still with me x

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YAY you're doing fab Gemma :D :D

It's day 29 (ironic for the day I turned 30 :p) and wow how lovely for you to get loads of chances the fags would have made you miss out on!!

So pleased to see you again and that you're doing so well!!

Wow, Fitfor, that's really something! You're practically a celebratory! :D

And well done on managing your quit with such style. :)

Hi Gemma,

Love the pics, what a brilliant job! well done on nearly doing a month aswell... totes amazeballs ;) :D x

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