1 year 3 days :P

Been a bit to busy to manage to get on on the day hence the title but 3 days more on is better :) year 2 should be easier, its had its ups and downs but i got here, i know it is hard for some and easy for others, glad im one of the easy ones from what ive read on forum, put a few stone on but my next objective is to lose it, spending all the money on bikes and gear ect, had a bad fall on ice in Jan and busted ribs, had i been smoking id have been in agony coughing, anyway, loving being a non smoker and trying to get healthy altho this now costs me a fortune but i canna complain, for any day 1 people stick with it plz, we did'nt need nico before and we dont need it now, we dont need to kill ourselves on purpose , chill and be free from it !

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  • WOOHOO well done Squinter!! :D :D

  • whooo weee


    and another one enters the Penthouse how great is that

    sending a


    posts like this help to inspire the newbies :)

  • A very well done!

    Good to hear that more and more people are getting into the 1 Year+ club.

    Obviously, It can be done.....

  • Love the way you let two whole days pass before entering the hallowed halls Sprinter. That's real style! :D

    Well done- huge congratulations. I hope you'll celebrate suitably before starting your weight loss campaign? :)

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