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16 weeks done

Hello, I just wanted to Pop by to say i am still quit :D I havent been quite because im a smoker but because I have been really good and not thought about smoking at all, hence why not trolling smoking sites :) lol I like to pop back and see how others are getting on though.

3 month mark was horrible, I think the terriable 3's to exist because now i feel really good. I dont miss smoking at all! My moods are better, my energy is better and just my whole sense of well being is better. I sometimes THINK i miss it, but then I cant think of what is is exactly about it that I miss??? So i think I dont miss it at all really, thats just abit of old addiction talking. First 2-3 months are really crud, I think going past the 3 month mark and nearly 4 months has transported me to this place of recovery where I just feel normal and happy in my new non smoking life.

Anyways just checking in and hoping newbies read this and see how doable this thing really is! xxxx

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Hi Nikki

first of all congrats that's amazing!thank you for sharing, so great to be reminded of all the positives of quitting smoking :)


Oh that's just fab Nikki - am so glad you've got *the* quit now!! It's lovely to see you so proud and so happy with it now :D


Hi Nikki. First of all congratulations, you have done so well I am full of admiration. One day I hope to be in your position,:)

Secondly, thank you for posting, because it is encouraging and I enjoyed reading your post. Please pop in from time to time, us newbies need to read the success stories. :) bb x


Oh well done Nikki!! :)

Many congratulations from me. :D


Well done Nikki.

As a newbie I just love to hear success stories like this.

At the moment every day is a struggle but stories like yours make it all seem possible.



Congratulations in jumping over the 3-month hurdle, and still keeping your quit!


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