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Day 17!!

Hi to everyone,

This is my toughest week by a mile. I've been emotional, irritable, tired, angry to name just a few. So thank you nico for giving me a nice mixture as I tend to get bored quite easy. :p On a serious note the cravings are constant, it's actually starting to give me a frigging migraine, head is soooo tense.

Am very happy to see a few of my forum friends pulling through some tuff times.

On a positive note I'm approaching the end of week 3 which I never imagined possible. Good luck to everyone!!! :D

P.s I love boobies!! ;) Ha Ha

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That is sooooo good Rochey, nearly 3 weeks behind you. :)

I just think that Nicodemon sees you slipping from his grasp and is making a powerful effort to hang on to you.

I know you can cope, show him how you deal with his challenges. :cool:

You are a great example, you're doing brilliantly well. :):) bb x


Thank you Debs,

Yes indeed quitting can throw lots of different things at us, hope you ok? x

P.s Will they fit through my letter box? lol ;)


Thank Max and Jenny,

I'm very lucky to be avoiding the floods thank you. Debs will they any good as rubber dingees, just in case the floods get worse?? Ha ha ;)


Yer a family of four will fit I reckon lol x

Family of four, I'm not sharing those badboys!! lol x


Well done Rochey, nearly at the end of week 3 and all done with the minimum of fuss, I had no idea you were struggling, sorry to hear that but you are winning that's the main thing :)


Thank you Donna, hope your staying strong!! x


Well done Roachy,your doing great.

Getting through the bad days are what makes us strong,everyone has them,but soon they will be less and less.:D


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