No Smoking Day
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FOOD.....and lots of it

What's everyone eating? Are you eating for England or trying to be good?

What have you found to satisfy the constant hunger pangs.

Up til now Iv just eaten whatever and sucked loads sweets.....but I'm not sleeping and think Iv overdone the sugar so hit that on the head.

Nuts seeds fruit celery pineapple chunks...I'm being really good..but...I can't stop nibbling....constantly!What good healthy food if I'm eating 6x it,does that make me 6 x healthier or 6 x.

What you all doing..:D

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are you eating because you are hungry or because you are bored? Everyone is different, but I find a banana takes away hunger pangs, or something high protein like chicken fills me up. Also strong chewing gum takes away the need to eat. Or just a coffee, I drink bucket loads (which I know is supposedly not good for you, but was the same when I smoked though think I'm more addicted to caffeine now).


I'm hoping it is a phase and will pass carol because I am eating all the time. :eek:

I've moved on from breakfast and lunch to a large 'brunch', nibbling fruit (fresh and dried), dips, rice cakes, so much of everything. :o

I was never a nibbler, never ate sweets or chocolates - but now I'm not smoking I don't seem able to stop.

I tell myself it is far better than smoking, and I am not going to worry too much, my priority is not to smoke. Once the weather improves I can work the excess calories off outdoors. :rolleyes: bb x


Blimey Max - a stone in 3 weeks :eek: That's amazing.

Did you just stop eating completely. ? :D


Crisps Chocolate. Ice cream. Wine to name but a few

Sadly none of it low sugar or low fat

Diet starts soon



Nom nom nom.

Eating everything/anything.

Je suis un bastar <= d du chubby :eek:


I too have developed a sweet tooth, everything just tastes better lol :D

I will worry about fat demon when the lighter nights come in.


Chocolate raisins and wine.

Or for a change, wine and chocolate raisins. :D:D:D

estoy engordando mis amigos. = I am getting fat my friends. :eek:


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