Penthouse, make way for a little one!

One Year today.

It will hurt.

It will require willpower.

It will require dedication.

It requires sacrifice.

You will need to push your body to the max.

There will be temptation.

It will take time.



I would like to thank every one who helped me in the early weeks.

I would like to say congratulations to every one of you who have reached the Penthouse.

I would like to say You CAN do it to all those on the right route to the Penthouse.

I have a Cruise to the Med all booked up as a reward for stopping.

Adios everyone. xx

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  • Brilliant, yet another one through the penthouse doors, well done Jane xxx

  • Thank you all. :)

  • Welcome Jane, that has gone really quickly, I can't believe that is 12 months gone since you quit. Well done, be very proud and great news about the cruise.:)

  • Great performance and result. Many congratulations.

  • Great stuff!

    Excellent news Jane, well done for hitting the one year milestone. Look at the view from here - you can see for miles ;)

    Great achievement and hope you're rightfully proud of it! Congratulations! :)

  • Thank you all for your kind words.

    I must admit Hawk, the view and the air are so much clearer from up here in the Penthouse.:D

    I am extremely proud of myself for achieving this and wish I had made the effort years ago.

    Well done to everyone on this forum, we are all here for the same result and it is achievable, so believe in yourself. :)

  • Hey Jane. Just checking in and delighted to see so many Jan 13 quitters in here! Well done hun xxx

  • Congrats on reaching the penthouse Jane, enjoy the fresh air :D

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