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Seeing what's behind the craving

last cig: 2nd Nov.

Reading some other posts, something really obvious just occured to me. You know how you can say something without really feeling it, then suddenly it really hits you?

When I crave a cig it's because something is worrying me, usually work. I have to stare down whatever it is that's causing me to stress, not run away and smoke.

I know for other people smoking might be due to boredom, or social smoking or other triggers, but for me smoking was definitely a way of avoiding things that stressed me out.

So my mantra is forget the cigarette....and get on with life, with all its ups and downs!


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I think your defo right! Having a smoke for most people is about soothing an issue. Maybe its the sucking but also getting a drug that makes you go 'ahhh' i dont know, but i think when people give up (defo myself as well) it means you had to deal with issues because you didnt have the crutch to help you if you couldnt deal with them!

It really is learning to self soothe again. I thought occured to me as well. Maybe the fact smokers get high blood preasure and heart problems is not only because of the smoke itself, but the fact that what smokers do to eliminate stress, they tend to cover it up by smoking. Years of stress and then using a drug that releases adrenaline into your veins (more stress) is not going to do anyone any good is it! non smokers dont have that crutch (unless they turn to food, which does the same as smoking actualy!) so I dont know about anyone else but I have tended to try and eliminate the stress i can in life. I am drinking camomile tea and having hot baths with relaxation music once a day. I would have never of thought of that as a smoker! smoking is denial my friend it really is, like most drugs! xx


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