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Knock knock.... Hello week 4


Yeah I'm all chuffed!

Not long back from the smoking clinic, love coming out of it feeling proud and motivated and it's so interesting to hear everyone's stories.

Think the nurse (and everyone else) got a bit of a laugh when they seen my reaction to my carbon monoxide levels, I was not impressed when it showed as two and not 1 as it had done previously, she had to tell me to chill that 2 was normal and walking through a carpark for example could increase the reading :eek: didn't know that!

Anyways I'll get over it lol!

How's everyone doing? Xx

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Well done Mrs M :D

YAY well done Mrs Mash :D :D :D

Way to go Mrs M.

Day by day does it.

Every solid quit is built up of single days.

You're doing flipping marvellous and you've every right to be chuffed to bits :D

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Knew you could do it.

:DCongratulations to the Spudster - I am sooooooooo proud of you, and chuffed for you too:D. I too know that indignant feeling, I had chest clinic on 6th Sept this year and when I was asked the usual "Do you smoke" I replied, "I used to, I haven't smoked for 40 days!" - he then replied "Still early days then" - well, it was like a slap, I was so proud of myself only to be shot down in flames - swine :D

Thanks for all your lovely comments, sure I wouldn't be here without the help and support from all of you xx

Well done Mrs Marsh, you are flying.

Jennings that would annoy me too. Someone to make little of all the hard work.

Mrs Mash,

You are doing marvellous, Time is flying now and so are you !

I have watched you from the beginning and I know how you have struggled.

Congratulations to you. :)


Mrs Mash I am here with you......... yippee, three weeks done, I am now in week four, almost at the month, I can't wait until I hit that goal.;) The quick links thing has disappeared. I can't get to the November club.

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