No Smoking Day
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No smoke has passed my lips for a Month Yipperdi Doo Daa

A whole freakin month without a tab . i'm very impressed wi mi self and so i should be.thoughts of smoking have been hovering around like fruit flies looking to suck the juice out of an orange . well the smoke flies are not having my juice, im sticking with my decision to quit cos its best. talking of oranges I ate one the other day . taste buds were singing and jumping for joy. the best thing i've tasted in a long time. I'm a lot more chilled now . i thing(k) the explosive phase has passed.


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Thats great to hear hun

oh its amazing how things taste when you quit as it does deaden the taste buds the only thing for me is before when i smoked i could leave chocolate in my house and forget it was there and then find it again months later gone white and chuck it :eek:

now i just dont buy it as once ive got it have to gorge myface with it

its soooo delicious :p mind you not as delicious as cake


you can never have enough cake ;):p


Massive well done Mash, a month is an amazing starting point to build on :D


What they said ^^ haha! I can't believe it's been a whole month already! Well done Mash, really pleased for you! :cool:


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