Its been a while!

Hi all...ok i have not had a cig since May 17th this year...that is amazing - i I am so in control! no wait - I am an out of control narcisist who smokes and andthis is not me without cigs, no wait i am someone in between - i cope well without cigs but when i drink I need to be that smoker!!! no wait i am so healthy and in control - wow been drinking all afternoon and have not smoked (despite being around smokers!) - this is basically my mind 97 % amazing - I am a non smoker finally and 3% sod it lets smoke - problem is that 3% feels like 97% whem it is on form.! in summary non smoking is hard at times!!! thsi weekend is a nightmare - then oh then the friend on e.cogs comes along marvelling about how easy his life is!! right ia m a bit pissed so ignore most of this ----

most of non smoking is amazing - some of it is ****ing hard...end of rant- and i never swear!


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