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I rather die than smoke.


today is my 5th day. I would hate to lose my quit now. Ive learned from experience that the first few days are the hardest and most dangerous and now that i'm here i just don't want to relapse. I'm feeling very depressed nothing to do with quitting its been hanging around for a year or more so please excuse me if i dont come across as enthusiastitic and glad to be alive cos im not. Quitting smoking has added its own blue to the already blue . I'm getting used to saying no to smoking and 10 mins after the crave has passed i'm always glad i did. There r times when a smoke sounds appealing but i just don't go down that road My no means no . and its only for the next 10 mins and the next and the next. Just remember the honeypots got no honey. a bit like the ex.(b*****d) eventually u learn the easy way or the hard way or not at all . We all make choices . I choose life as miserable and hard as it is. I would hate to have remained condemned to a lifetime of having to smoke coz once an addict there is no choice.


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nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Hi Mash - Congratulations on reaching day 5. I agree - saying no is the only way.

Sorry to hear your feeling low - smoking never helps with that - we just think it does since it deadens all emotions. Bit like chopping your leg off if you've broken it and it's hurting - no pain from broken leg anymore!!:)

For me - to shake away the blues - long walks always helps.


Onwards and upwards

Hi mash ,hang in there ,it does get easier believe it or not,I've recently packed it up after smoking 43 years 30/40 a day ,and I'm now at 7 months ,so if I can do it any body can you have just got to stay focused,with a lot of will power ,I still think about it but not as much ,good luck,onwards and upwards:)

Hi Mash, I remember reading your posts before and they helped me no end. Take your own advice, it helped a lot of others and will almost certainly help you. Sorry you are feeling so low, but you know you will always be cheered up ( even if it's just a little) when you come on here. Stay strong x

Mash's quote - you said it lol

HI Haze. No sorry the craves dont just go like that. they pop up like dandelions. one minute its a bowling green and in the middle of showing it off ,up they pop up, great big ones sometimes, just pull them up one by one as they come. I had a huge crave tonight . i was watching a play and i heard familiar laughter behind me and it was my ex... a perfect smoking moment... which im happy to say i suvived..... But you do get better at spotting them and demolishing them.... let X=X.


Great way to describe cravings, you WILL do this again x

Hey Shojam im not sure what to make of your last post, is it an old quote of mine?or am i just barking up the wrong tree?


It was one of yours, it explains things nicely don't you think

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Motivational mash

Hi mash

Just looking to find posts where you were very motivational. There are many:). Here's an example from the mash that spurred us all on:

05-02-2013, 05:25 AM


back to life.

It is worth it.

Just a quick hello to say my new smoke free life is going very well been quit for 15+ months now . started college in sept and so far been getting b grades couldnt have done any of it without quitting. so anyone with doubts about this quitiing mularkey and whether its worth it or not I can quite categorically say a loud and clear yes it is worth it. any discomfort or misery even, that you experience will pass, everything does, and you do land on solid ground where life is good.


You have helped a lot of people along the way. :)

Yes i do remember it Shojam, a little pearler. Thanks for digging it. up. I will add this to it ..If you forget your history you are condemned to repeat it....@nonico. Motivational mash i like the sound o that. I'm so not doing guilt and shame over losing my quit. Its pointless and only benefits priests and prison warders. these things can and do happen . but never again.

Cheers for the warm welcome back. I feel safe again.


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