11weeks smokefree yesterday... and I am proud

so since my quit my partner (a social smoker) has had a few fags...

ive been getting very stressy.. fed up of being a bum having hardly anymoney and scrounging of the government.. not my kinda thing...

My oartner was smoking and I snached the fag from hes hand... looked at it for a few seconds and gave it streight back!

prob more satisfying then 'one drag'

Yes I am craving but I dont want a yucky fag... and I dont want my ecig!

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  • :D:D:D

    Hey Hayley soo happy you have resisted that urge to smoke so stand tall and proud for reaching

    11 weeks

    way to go hun :)

  • Max yes I would have proberly done that.... if I wasnt in my bedroom lol

  • Well done to you :)

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