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Month 4 winding down

As month 4 winds down, I would like to reflect on the first few months since I quit smoking.

The first month, as we all know, is particularly hard. I had my ups and downs and was very angry at life. My anxiety was extremely high, my attitude was terrible, my family was getting annoyed with me, (Not once did they say I should start smoking again which helped) but I made it through just fine Cold Turkey as we all know.

The 2nd month dramatically got easier. My anxiety was still high at this point, I was getting extremely emotional and I had my days that were good and bad, but they were getting better. By the end of month two, days were good. I was feeling better, health and emotional wise. Days are getting better because I am starting not to think of smoking everyday. I still think about it often, but not as much. I was beginning to think, "hey, if it's this easy, I CAN do this."

Month 3 was easy. I remained somewhat irritable and my anxiety was high. I was hoping this would drop, but I am beginning to think this feeling of anxiety is a result of quitting smoking. I started taking Prozac to help me with these issues. Not that I wanted to put another drug in my body, but if not I was gonna kill myself emotionally (LMAO) There are 2 & 3 days that go by that I don't think about smoking. I am feeling so good as a result of quitting smoking and feel I have accomplished and defeated the evil Nic Demon.

Month 4, what can I say. Month 4 has of course been the easiest. It's been 117 days today I quit smoking and I KNOW I did the right thing. Health wise I Feel much better. There's about 5 days or so that goes by I don't think about smoking. (when I utilized this site, I felt I was thinking about it. Today I just needed to reflect on my quitting history and what I went through.) I wasn't thinking about the actual smoking process. Which, by the way, smells horrible. I, am, however, able to be around smokers and not have it affect me the way it did before. I can also be around them and not think about smoking. How awesome is that? I do tend to be an annoying reform smoker that wants everyone to quit, but only since I realized how easy it is to quit... LOL. I just want my family and friends to quit. The process is really rather easy once you get to where I am today. You just have to be strong minded and not pick the damn things up.

It feels good to say, "I WILL NEVER take another puff" I DEFEATED the Nic demon and he is so mad. HAHAHAHAHA. :D:D:D:D:D:):):):):)

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way to gooooo


What a brilliant post to be reading :D



not long till your at the halfway mark

keep that positive mindset and getting to the penthouse wilbe a breeze


onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Thank you


Thanks for the positive response to my post. I always wait for the responses, as they help me in my journey. I feel so positive and motivated in my quit. This is a permanent journey in my life; one I look forward to. :):D:):D:):D:):D:):D

Kyle Wright


Your more then welcome hun :)

and its a great feeling having that freedom back plus the extra money is an added big bonus

hope you have been saving it and treating yourself



Fantastic reading this and I can associate with almost word for word..the highs and lows..highs are magnificent and the lows can be the pits eh. But you have made it through massive well done.

I am just ahead of you at 121 days :)


Brilliant post Kyle and well done!!!


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