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With a Side of Fries!

Good Morning All!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their smoke free summer as much as I am! I do still have my battles with daily cravings - but they are less frequent and are only a little difficult when I have a beer in hand. But I am winning and breathing better every day! I do have this new found love of food - and cooking. I was never much of a cook - but now that I can actually taste the food I am enjoying cooking and eating more then ever! This is good.....and not so good as I am putting on the pounds! :( I have gained about 15 lbs since I have quit smoking. I hear everyone in the forum say they put on a "stone". How much is a stone? I need to cook healthier low fat meals - but the other one's are so much more yummy!!!! :p

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Thanks Wayne! I have been trying to eat less carbs. I am Italian - so I can't give up pasta all together - but I can have it less often. I think I need to also work on smaller portions. Since I have quit smoking - I never feel full when I am eating. I think I am still just trying to fill the void cigarettes have left. Thanks for all of the tips and advice!!!! :D

I also now know what a "Stone" equals. :o


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