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Mid Week 3


Well now that my sinuses have started to work properly again, they have decided to pay me back for all the smoke I poured into them over the years and get infected. Just as I am getting over the withdrawal fog, I am hit with this sinus infection and my misery continues. This happened to me last year when I had a quit too. Oh well, I'm happy to be off smoking. Maybe this will go away quickly....

Anybody else have this type of thing happen?

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It probably isn't all from the cigs since I am prone to sinus infections, but I'll be happy to have one more reason to stay quit.

M2, well done for not smoking despite not feeling 100% - you're doing well.

Thanks icba. Being sick definitely takes a toll on my will power, but as Max said, it's all just a return to normal and part of the healing process. I know that I just need to take care of myself, and smoking would not be a helpful choice. It's so rediculous to think about times when I was sick in the past and just smoked right through it, even though it was probably the worst possible thing I could do at that time.

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