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Month 5 ... Check! :)

Pretty sure I'm in the right room, as I have oficially now completed my fifth month smoke free!

So sorry that I haven't been here to share and be more supportive recently, just been so busy :rolleyes:

I hope everyone is happy and still on the no smoking wagon. I am so happy to be here and in just one month I'll have managed a whole six months without a dirty cig!

Weird, I say "managed", but it has become totally normal for me now. I'm a non-smoker and, besides the odd occasion I fancy one, it's a way of life.

Went to the shop this evening and picked up ten Marlboro for the OH and had to hand over £4.14 for ten cigs :eek: (his money, not mine). It's amazing how much the price increases over such a small amount of time!!

Thank you thank you for your help over the last 5 months. I wouldn't be here without the input of some awesome people!

If you're struggling at all, remember to stay happy and positive guys!! It totally pays off and much sooner than you think :D

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WOOHOO that's fab hun!!

Know how hard you fought for this and it's great to see you doing so well!!

And flipping heck, that's like £8.30 a day I'd have been spending :eek: :eek:


huge congratulations hun!!

£4.14!!!! :eek:that alone is enough for a heart attack!!! And just for 10!!:eek:

Another reason to stay a non-smoker.

Hope you had a treat for your self yesterday Sarah!:D:D



Congratulations that is amazing!!!!!! Next stop........ Penthouse!!!!!!!


Thank you guys. :)

Max, I have really missed your flattery recently. ;)

How are you all? Still happy non-smokers?



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