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My day 1


Hi I'm new and 33 years old, smoked 10 to 15 per day for 17 years. Today was my first day without a fag, my last on Friday night 11.30pm, I started this morning on edge even with the patch, I took the advice and been drinking water when I fancied one. It was going ok the first two hours then bang I sobbed my heart out three times this morning and I mean sobbed. Not because I was going to crack I know in my mind I won't but I did not think it would be this hard. Any how I have gone 24 hours and really proud of myself. The cravings are now not as bad as this morning more habit if that makes sense to anyone. At this time I can honestly say I don't think I will ever have another fag again, I can't cope with going through that again like I did this morning. Wondered if anyone else had been this bad on their first day and did it get a little better day 2? I'm also eating very healthy and upping the gym and walking as I don't want to gain weight. I have tried 10 years ago to stop I did for 12 weeks but I replaced fags with food and gained 2 stone. So this time I have probs made it harder but I can't gain weight.

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Hi kat, thanks for the reply, today has been spot on like so far. I can't say other than after a meal I think about going outside for a fag. I have not been snappy or anything but honestly feel tip top. Using patches they fine for me and only water and chewing gum. Still keep thinking of yesterday and how bad I felt no way do I want to go through that again ever! Panic attacks the lot, it makes me feel funny thinking about it and put me off having one. Bit nervous for work tomorrow but I have a busy day on site so I won't be in the office much to be temp, don't fancy being around smokers at min.

Hi Max and thank you for those words, I due to have my gallbladder removed two weeks time so this is the reason I wanted to stop more than anything, so I know I won't crack and have one. But I'm finding it more better for me that I don't over eat or replace food with fags. I don't mind staying the same weight but Im giving it everything so I don't gain. Plus I have to be so careful with food any way so to me it was my ideal time to stop. I'll keep using this site though as all the tips etc are great, plus it's nice knowing that other people feel the same. Unless someone has smoked those who have not do not have a clue how hard this is. But in all honesty I have found today easy, I know it will be hard and I'll face situations but I'm feeling ok at min.

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