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Day 6, very strange.


I'm at day 6 right now, but it's very strange. When I am at home, with my wife and son, I have no urges to smoke, even if under stress (everyday worries, son and his moods :) etc.) I even forget that I used to smoke - no thougths about smoking whatsoever. When I am at work, even when I can calmly do what ever I need to, I have quite strong urges. I know that I am not giving into them, I feel too good as a non-smoker, but I'm just curious why is it so? Does anyone else have the same experience, that under one circumstances you absolutely forget about smoking, under other you have hard time fighting the urges?


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Hi shariukas,

Not so much now but at the beginning I had my worst craves at work, I think it was because I used them most at work as a reason to have a break away from the office. But now when I get stressed I rarely think about smoking. Some situations are more of a trigger than others I guess. Plus at work other people smoke so there's always that reminder of what you don't have anymore (which is good!)

Also situations I'm not in very often and don't have to do on a daily basis sometimes cause me to think about how I used to smoke and it would be nice to have one.

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