No Smoking Day
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I'm sorry I post so much. I was totally fine. Up until just a bit ago. I had an urge earlier but it didnt last long. But then I had another and it's been for almost 2 hrs now. I've been doing all I can to distract myself. I'm probably going to try and go to the gym later but today I also got hit with a bad IBS attack. I've been going to the bathroom a lot today. And I feel a bit hungry but don't feel like eating. I hate this. I was doing so good until I caved.

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Sorry to hear your still struggling so much especially

perhaps you should go and see a doctor about your health issues and talk to him/her about your quit

just remember to try not to beat yourself up about smoking be gentle with yourself

plus its in the past now there is nothing you can do about it

try and concentrate and focus on each day as they come along breaking it up into segments

i do hope your day improves hun x


Things got a bit better. Tummy still screwed up. I've been to the doctor for it. I have a birth defect in my intestines. So they will be looking into it more soon. So there's nothing I can do about it right now.

I managed to make it to the gym. It felt so weird working out and weight lifting being able to breathe. It felt good actually. Now at home. Use to come home and smoke so I came home and cleaned some more. I'm ok. I want to go run. But I don't think my belly is up to it right now.

But I can say another day smoke free. Can't say it's easy. But I'm doing it!


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