No Smoking Day
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another weekend of freedom

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend!

Mine was an easy one this time, I spent pretty much the whole weekend with my OH and we went to the coast and went on the fair.

I seem to be noticing how many people smoke in their cars, just oh my gosh 1 in 3 drivers had a fag hanging out their gobs! I was like thats not attractive. Im glad im not apart of that anymore!

I also walked passed some smokers and the smell ewww

Not smoking is making me so much happier


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Well done

i can def relate to the awful smell of people smoking around you :eek: plus you can smell someones a smoker without them actually smoking too as they just reek of smoke and weirdly enough when you quit you actually start noticing how many people who do smoke around you i got abit obsessed about it early in my quit as im sure some knew i had just quit and kept smoking near me to try and tempt me back :eek:


i soon got over that as the smell used to just turn my stomach



A great post Sammi! :D x


thank you :)


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