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Day 10 - wobbling a bit

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I haven't posted on here since last week but pleased to say I've survived until day 10. My partner guessed in the end due to noticing the patch but that has made it a bit more stressful.

I only had 1 week of patches and haven't had a chance to go to get week 2 supply so I am using nicorette and the occasional plastic cigarette puff. Work has been ok but now working from home for few days which is usually when I puff all day in the house and considered this a luxury as partner does not smoke so had to smoke outside in the evenings.

Lots of stress to do with partners business at the moment and trying to hold down a full time job myself. Have also managed to keep with healthy eating plan so am not reaching for chocolate as a substitute. Today is going to be tough but I know it will be even tougher if I give in and have to start stopping again.Let this be my last day 10.

I've just been for a walk before I start work. Partner suggested it as I am being really ratty towards him - worse than usual!

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Ooh sounds like today might be a challenge. Just remember that you can do this and if you start to have a crave grab a snack or nice cold drink. Post in here too, someone will be on here to talk you thru.

Have a good day!


Woke up this morning with the world's problems on my shoulders so think will go and get that drink and some breakfast.

Ooh stressy times aren't fun :(

But you're doing fab, keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll be fine - and come on here if you struggle, we'll help :)

Thanks all, have made it to 11o'clock - looking good.

How do I update the bit at the bottom of my profile to add details on when given up etc . Is it under custom user title or avatar?




I have updated my signature!

thanks, have now updated!

Let yourself wobble,but be a weeble and never fall down :D

Brilliant Max :)

Hope you got through the day ok Cass :)

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