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Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Hi....just curious to know if you think your self as an introvert or extrovert...I was reading a book mentioning that extrovert have high tendency for addictions including smoking...this is funny to know what will you do if someone offer you two candies now but ask you if you wait till next same time and day next week you will get a box full of candies...what will you do? Most extroverts tend to go for 2 candies "now" rather then wait whereas most introverts will pause, think and decide other wise... A concept called delayed if I see it applying to me ...can I say no to a "just one cig" while I am quiting ...and wait for better reward later or I take it and get done Witt it? What you think about this, does our personalities influence our efforts to quit and stay quit smoking? Can we change our personality? If someone who quits smoking successfully experience (may not know it) a peronality change owing to more patience and delay gratification?

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An interesting question. I'd have to say I'm a mixture of both, and it depends on the company I'm in. As for delayed gratification, I'm also a mixture of both. I would likely eat the sweets immediately because I'm greedy, but I'm quite happy to wait for things that I view as important - like study, or business endeavours. As for personality changes, I think they must happen. Our personalities are very fluid anyway. We are barely the same person second to second, never mind going through a difficult experience. In the case of quitting smoking, we have to change from the permissive mindset, to the prohibitive mindset, and that can often be reflected in the evangelical way some ex-smokers preach about the evils of smoking. If that change of perspective didn't happen, then I doubt people would stay stopped very long. In conclusion, I'm a mixed bag, but I do have an addictive personality, and smoking or not, I think it highly likely I'll have some vice until the day I die - hopefully that vice won't be smoking.


Always extrovert, impulsive and wanting things “now” rather than later.

It got just slightly better with age and only professionally after hitting the ceiling a few times.;)

I will probably want that candy now and find a way to convince you that’s in your interest to give me the full box 2 days later. :D

When it comes to smoking, I would agree that extroverts are more predictable to addiction but what about stopping smoking? Does long term successful nonsmoking require careful planning? Are some smokers non-addicted to cigs so extro/intro does not matter?

When I decided to stop smoking, it just happened from one day to another. Frankly, I stopped because I was too lazy and too busy to go buy the fags. Did not stop because of what these sticks are doing to my body.

Yes, I had cravings during first day and some thoughts crossed my mind about changes in my personality but the fear of failure kept me going.



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