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6 Weeks Today

Have managed 6 weeks now without smoking. Still feel the need for NRT. Will try another fortnight with 14mg patches and approx 5 bits of 2mg gum daily. Then try to remove the gum. I think I could stay stopped if I could keep using the gum and patches but know its only meant to aid in the 1st 6 weeks. Its a bit worrying still using the NRT but its helping me remain tobacco free.

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Well done on your 6 weeks!!

Don't worry about still being on NRT, of course you want to get off it as soon as you can, but if it's stopping you smoking then it's fine :)

Maybe if you step down to the step 3 patches when you feel ready? You can have the gum when you feel the need for it then - but you're a proper non-smoker now, how good is that?


Well done on reaching your 6 weeks Gra :D


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