Day one again

Hi everyone!

I am 17 years old guy who start smoking about two years ago.

I smoke about half-pack per day and in some days a pack of ciggarets depends on stres level.

I tried to quit 3 times.Last time i've quit by Cold Turkey but only for 10 days until i've take a puff and i start to smoke again.

Now i;m determined to quit again .Wish me luck!

First day passed!

Few more.

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  • Hiya Nic,

    Good for you! Today is my first day as well, so hows about we make each other a promise - we come on here each day and check in and offer each a bit of support and a kick up the bum, that way we'll get you past your stopping point, and we'll get me passed mine? :)

  • Hi Nicholas and welcome to the forum :)

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi Sarah

    Great..until now..

    Some headaches a little bit nervous and a crazy feeling that i need a ciggaret..

    I try to do another things like sport,reading and writing.

    Only few hours and this day will pass without a ciggarete.

  • Day one again

    look in the mirror smile

    give yourself a pat on the back every day it helps:)

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