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Day 11 is knocking on the door


Guess what? I am sitting in my office alone and pack of cigarettes on table (of colleague) ....though not hurting much but not absent either in my was challange right from start ..,had to sit with two guys smoking continuously and now alone in office ....ahhhh....but I know just one cig. Will not do Anything....I have decide that if I want to continue it as constant habit or it's strange this is that you will feel so low and also very high sometimes while quiting this monster....

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hello there.. all the feelings you are feeling are normal and all do eventually pass---you must keep that in mind.

in my opinion i think most of the time people lose their quits because they think this horrible feeling of wanting a smoke will never end but i am living proof that it does end!!! eventually the thought of smoking will make you cringe in discust! always remeber where you came from and where you are going! you are in control!!

always keep your eye on the prize//go over you reasons for quitting again and again---whatever it takes...and post here often...this forum will save you!

it was wonderful for me in my first quit day,,,,i am now quit for 2 years and 4 months after smoking for 18 years!!

keep not smoking and believe you can do this and you are stronger than a cigarette!!!

Believe me, the high you feel for resisting is a way better feeling than the initial high you would get from smoking followed by the low of back to day 1 ....I hope you resisted :)

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